International Harvester Moving Vans - 1/34th Scale

This category contains the First Gear diecast metal replica IH or International Harvester moving van trucks all in the 1/34th scale size. The dimensions are three inches wide by four and one half inches high by ten inches long.
Charlestown Horse Racing
This truckis designed for Charlestown Horse Racing
Columbian Moving & Storage
This truckis designed for Columbian Moving & Storage
Covan Moving
Dahlke Moving & Storage
This truck was produced for Dahlkes Moving & Storage Co. Only 1278 of these...
Grace Bros Moving Van
This truck is designed for Grace Moving Van
M. Schultz
Moyer Moving
This truck was designed for Moyer & Sons Moving Company in Montgomery County,...
Paul Arpin Moving
This truck is designed for Paul Arpin Moving