International Harvester Low Boys - 1/34th Scale

This category contains the First Gear diecast metal replica IH or Innternational Harvester lowboy tractor trailer trucks all in the 1/34th scale size. The dimensions are three inches wide by three inches high by eighteen and one half inches long.
Allied Aggregate
This truck was produced for Allied Aggregate located in Monroe, MI. Only 738...
Barrick Slate
This truck was produced for Barrick Slate. Only 720 were ever made.
E J Wallace Shell Oil
This truck was designed for E J Wallace Shell Oil Company with the popular...
First Gear
This truck was designed with the First Gear Collectors Club Series graphics...
Fred Carlson Construction
This truck is a serial numbered International Harvester lowboy tractor...
International Harvester - Case
This truck was produced for Case International Harvester Company Sales and...
This truck is designed for Lacrosse { no picture available at this time }
Latona Trucking
This truck is a 1959 R-200 IH or International Harvester tractor with lowboy...
Triangle Sand & Gravel
This truck comes with a color picture box and is brand new in perfect condition
Valley Asphalt
This truck was produced for Valley Asphalt. It is a 1959 IH or International...