B Mack Wreckers & Tow Trucks - 1/34th Scale

This category contains the First Gear diecast metal replica B Mack wreckers and or tow trucks all in the 1/34th scale size. The dimensions are three inches wide by three and three quarter inches high by nine inches long.
Amoco Oil
This truck was made for Amoco oil and gas.The B Mack Amoco tow is considered...
British Petroleum / BP
This truck was made for British Petroleum or BP Corporation.This B Mack BP...
Chicago Fire Dept.
This truck was made for the Chicago Fire Dept.This B Mack tow is considered...
Curtis Collision 25th Anniversary
This truck was produceded for Curtis Collision's 25th Anniversary. It has the...
Eastwood 20th Anniversary
Very Rare and almost impossible to find now
Los Angeles Police Dept. / LAPD
This truck was made with the Los Angeles Police Department or LAPD Shields...
Mack Bulldog Series #1 B Mack Tow w/cap
This truck was made for Mack Truck Corporation and comes with a matching...
Sohio Towing
This truck was designed for Sohio
State Highway Department
Only 720 of these trucks were ever made with the State Highway series orange...
Texaco Paragon Oil
This truck is designed for Texaco Paragon Oil
Township of Spring
This truck is designed for the Township of Spring